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Trench Heating

The Use, Types, and Advantages of Trench Heating

Trench heating is a manner of heating large rooms with a lot of windows efficiently, and beautifully. It does this through hot water pipes in the floor, and that heat radiates up into the room through grates. The trench heating is run along where windows as well as doors with a lot of glasswork are located so that the heat can counteract any downdraughts that may be occurring at those areas. Because of this, it can reduce instances of condensation on the windows which can then prevent damage to the window frames and windowsills.

Unlike old-fashioned radiator heaters that aren’t very pretty, take up wall-space, and create hot spots (as well as cold spots) throughout the room, trench heating can create a barrier of heat around the areas where the cold would most likely be coming in (i.e. the windows and doors) and keep that heat in so that the entire room stays a constant temperature. This can make everyone in the room, no matter where they sit, much more comfortable.

Energy Efficiency of Trench Heating

Trench heating can be your primary source of heat in your home, or it can be a secondary source if you happen to have a lot of large windows and several stories, so that you would need to have different types of heat sources for different zones, or even use a couple of types for the same zone to come up with a comfortable temperature at an energy efficient rate. Trench heating works well in rooms that have a lot of glass so it may not work well for heating basements or attics – you may need an additional source of heat for those.

Because trench heating that uses no fan only uses hot water through pipes or coils in the floor (and heat rises) you are using physics to your advantage to heat your room or home. If you decide to use a fan along with your trench heating, then you will be adding to how much heat fills your room but only adding a small amount of energy cost in what will be a huge gain heat-wise.

Benefits of Trench Heating

Because the trench heating is just that… in a trench in the floor… and is very discreet, you can focus on the interior design of your home instead of how your home’s heating fits into it. The only thing visible of this type of heating is the grill which can come in many colors and finishes so you can either mask it into your floor’s color and finish or you can use it to contrast with it – however you would like to use it, or not, in your home’s décor.

Where Is Trench Heating Most Useful?

Trench heating is used in many types of locations, including those that utilise a lot of tall windows and large, glass doors. Offices and retail establishments are perfect for this type of heating because it doesn’t take up wall space, and yet it keeps hot air in, even when the doors are opening and closing repeatedly. This is the same with reception areas that usually have two sets of doors and that area in between will need to be heated as well so that people can wait for rides or stand there to put on coats, hats, gloves, etc. before they go out in the cold. And, of course, trench heating is perfect for homes that were designed with natural lighting in mind that may need added heating along those large windows so that there aren’t cold areas near them. You want to be able to enjoy sitting near that natural light without being cold, right? Trench heating is right for you.


There are many benefits to trench heating and it’s important to look at all aspects of what you are trying to accomplish with your heating source so that you know if it will fit into you needs as well as your home’s design and also your budget. This type of heating fits seamlessly into many types of homes and makes itself very useful in many situations. Make sure to call to speak to an expert on this type of heating before making any firm choices so that you know you are making the perfect one for your home whether you are remodeling or building a home from the ground up.

Types of Jaga Trench Heating

Jaga trench heating comes in various lengths, including curved pieces to allow for curved walls or to curve around corners, and it can come in various depths as well depending on how thick the pipes need to be. How thick the pipes need to be, as well as how wide the grates need to be, plus how much of the heating source you need in each room is dependent on how big the room is and how much cold you have pressing in from outside sources such and windows and doors. Each style of Jaga trench heating comes with its own length and depth options as well as heat input and output options. All of them come with options to change the finish from everything to metals to woods as well as designer styles. There are also very shallow options available if you are remodeling and placing these in existing floors so that minimal damage is done to the ceiling below. Some can even be used with heat pumps instead of boiler systems or other types of heating.

Trench heating can be an important new element to your home and once you have it you won’t want to live without it. You’ll notice all the things you used to live with in your own home when you are at others’ homes and you will remember every time why you made the upgrade to trench heating. Jaga trench heating is a great addition to your home and will add an aesthetic look as well as add monetary value to your home.