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Trench Heating FAQ

Why use Trench Heating?

Trench or Canal Heating is a great way of adding discrete heating to your Home, Office or virtually any area. They are perfect for installing in front of glassed areas as they combat drafts and condensation. They are often used as secondary installations however with good planning they can easily heat most areas as the primary heat source. So if you're looking to save wall space or just improve aesthetics Trench Heating is a brilliant heating option.

Can Trench Heaters heat an entire room?

Yes - Trench Heating can be used as Primary or Additional or Targeted Heating.

Primary Room Heating - If you want to dispense with wall mounted radiators to enhance your decor with discrete heating, Trench Heating is perfect - you have the option of standard or fan assisted Trench Heaters - as per Standard room radiator heating it is better to have the In Floor radiators distributed in the room to provide a heating balance and to ensure no cold zones exist.

Secondary / Additional Room Heating - Whether you are supplementing underfloor heating or wall mounted radiators, Trench Heating is the ideal heating solution for providing you with that extra heat boost you need perhaps in an area where wall space is at a premium or the space is know to be cooler and need additional heating.

Targeted Heating - Trench Heating is a great addition in areas of high heat loss or known condensation areas, the heat output from these in floor radiators in front of glass panelling or doors targets the entire length of the heat loss area, this can provide a heat curtain which insulates the room from further heat loss and localised cold spots minimising condensation by ensuring the window area is not an area air bound moisture can condense in.

Where Can I mount Trench Heaters?

They can be mounted anywhere in a room, However it is aesthetically better to place them in an area where there is a height change or barrier, so basically against a wall or window or door or step. This allows them to be more discrete and doesn't disrupt the rooms design. However these Trench Canal Radiators can also work well when fitted alongside a parallel walkway.

How do I Connect Several Trench Heaters?

Trench Heaters are treated in a similar way to Normal Radiators, they will generally be connected in Parallel with each other with a supply and return leg going to each Trench Heater. They can also be connected in Series but the output would be reduced as the temperature drops across each unit. Mini Canal Trench Heaters come with the option of internal Pipe Brackets to allow piping to be run between Trench Heaters Internally.

How big does the Trench for the Heater need to be?

If preparing a floor before receiving the Trench Heater we recommend an addition of 1 cm to the width (0.5 cm each side), so if your Trench Heaters is 36 cm Wide, setting the Trench at 37 cm would allow you some leaway, you can then bring the floor to meet the Trench. The Trench Heater depths are the dimmensions including the Grille. We have also provided PDFs for each Trench Heating Model in the product literature.

What type of Trench Heater Grilles are Available?

Grilles are available in Aluminium, Steel and Wood in a variety of Colours, Finishes and Designs, they can also be provided as Rigid or Roll Up.

What are the advantages of using a Trench Heater with a Fan?

As with all heating if air is forced over a heating coil, in this case a central heating core more heat exchange takes place. The benefit of this is you get much greater heater output from the same size heating unit.

Are the Fans Noisy?

Modern Fan Designs have significantly reduced the noise levels up to the point where the noise is virtually inaudible.

How do the Fans Work?

For the DBE fan units when the water temperature rises, ie the central heating has come on or flow has been sent through the Trench Heater, the fan will start based on the increase in water temperature. It will stop automatically when the water temperature has fallen. 

I am looking for a more advanced BMS (Building Management System) style of Heating and Cooling with Greater Control - Any Options?

Jaga have a number of models which fulfil these requirements, including the Clima, Quatro and Micro Canal Trench Heaters.

What Supplies are needed for Trench Heaters?

The Mini Canal requires just central heated water supply, other units also have an optional 230VAV or 12VDC supply, BMS models require external 24V control supplies.

What is the Difference between 230VAC and the 12VDC selection on some of the units?

The 230VAC allows a direct mains supply to the unit via a waterproof plug as the unit is inbuilt with the transformer rectifier controls, this is a bit more expensive but is easier to install and does not require local standard 230V sockets, the 12VDC selection is supplied with a portable 230VAC/12VDC adaptor similar to a phone style charger, you would need an adjacent socket to plug this unit in. We recommend the 230VAC set up.

Which Trades are needed to fit these units?

In the filter section of this site we give an indication of trades needed, Plumber, Plumber and Electrician or BMS Designer or Installers. Generally any unitss without a fan can be connected by a Plumber. Units with a Fan would require a Plumber and an Electrician.

Where Can I find Technical Information on the Trench Heating?

On the Individual Trench Product pages on this site there are a series of tabs, these include technical heating PDF's which provide a full range of information on our Jaga Trench Heaters.

Why choose Jaga Trench Heating?

Jaga are market leaders in Trench Heating, World Class warranties, cutting edge technology, ease of installation.

How Long after Orders do the Trench Heaters arrive?

Our Jaga Trench Heaters are bespoke and made to order and we stipulate a 4-6 week Delivery, this is to ensure we provide within our estimated delivery time, we can often get Trench and Perimeter Heating to the customer earlier but prefer not to overpromise and under deliver!

What is the Delivery Cost for Jaga Trench Heaters

We do not charge for delivery to the mainland UK.