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16 January 2017  |  Admin

Conservatory Heating using Trench Style Heaters

If your having a new conservatory fitted or refurbishing an old one a consideration is temperature control and heating.

Conservatories are renowned for being cold, prone to condensation and expensive to heat using electric heaters.

You may also prefer a discrete heating solution which doesn't leave large heaters mounted on your limited wall space detracting from your stylish decor.

One solution which is perfect for Conservatories is Trench Heating.

What is Trench Heating? you may ask, well Trench Heating is a Hydronic (Central Heating) fed infloor radiator.

The Trench Radiator often called Perimeter Heating is connected direct to your central heating and thus is more cost effective than any electric heater, it is mounted below a Trench Heater Griller at floor level so doesn't take up any valuable wall space.

The Trench Grille itself can be Aluminium, Steel or Wood in numerous colours and finishes to match you design requirements.

The Trench Heaters can be controlled Thermostatically via an infloor TRV similar to a standard wall mounted radiator, remote control can also be fitted to allow local control of heating temperature.

Perimeter Heating is the perfect solution for heavily glazed areas as it produces a heat curtain which reduces condensation significantly or totally, this heat barrier also keeps the conservatory at a more balanced temperature minimising cool spots within the room.

As an alternative to standard radiators or electric heaters the Trench Heaters have a number of benefits in heating running costs,  efficiency, targeted heating, discrete heating, condenstation reduction, room temperature difference reduction.

Trench Heater BTU Heating outputs are calculated the same as standard radiators.

As an option several manufacturers offer Fan Heat Boost technology, which incorporates an ultra low noise fan inside the Trench Heater, this increases the produce BTU Heating for the same size unit as it draws cool air through the heat exchanger / heat emitter and then pushes the warmed air into the room. This increased air fllor increases heat exchange.

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