Can Trench Radiators be used with Wall mounted Radiators?

25 April 2023  |  Admin

Yes, trench radiators can be used in combination with wall-mounted radiators as part of a larger heating system. This can be useful in situations where the heat demand is high or the room has an irregular shape, and additional heating sources are needed to provide adequate heat distribution.

In a combined heating system, the trench radiators can be used to provide a base level of heat, while the wall-mounted radiators can be used to provide additional heat to specific areas of the room or to meet higher heat demands. The two types of radiators can be connected to the same heating system and controlled by the same thermostat or control system, ensuring that the temperature is evenly distributed throughout the room.

It's important to note that the size and design of the radiators should be carefully considered when designing a combined heating system. The heat output of each radiator should be calculated to ensure that the overall heating system meets the heat demands of the room. A heating engineer or specialist can provide advice on the best size and design of radiators to use in a combined heating system, as well as provide guidance on installation and control systems.