Mini Canal Trench Heater

23 May 2018  |  Admin

Jaga Heating really does pride itself on providing the very best in heating solutions as UK suppliers. It’s home heating range is award-winning and with good reason too, just ask any of Jaga Home Heating U.K’s thousands of satisfied customers. You can understand why they’re satisfied, with products such as The Mini Canal Trench Heater being made available not only to commercial properties such as Hospitals, Schools and Council Offices but also for residential use at affordable prices.

With the Mini Canal Trench Heater being both discreet and convenient, it is perhaps Jaga’s most popular heating system to date. It is delivered fully assembled and ready for fitting. With its original design elements, it means it is possible to purchase in a variety of grille options, from numerous designer styles to the most exquisite of wood finishes.

The Mini Canal Trench Heater also comes in curved lengths, so it can be installed around circular rooms or arches buildings. You can select the length of heater you’ll need when ordering. This Mini Canal Trench Heater makes full use of its Low-H20 technology (which provides energy savings of up to 16%). It is particularly good for providing heat alongside glazed facades, window features or even conservatories. With such a variety of options, not only in material but depth and size, the heater is incredibly versatile.

The Mini-Canal can also be used with heat pumps, and you can connect it with lockshield valves or manual/Thermostatic valves in the duct. The great thing about the Jaga’s DBE (Dynamic Boost Effect) radiator techonology is because its trench heating system can quickly and effectively heat a room, even when connected to low water temperature heating systems or systems that are designed to be environmentally friendly. Jaga takes into account the work that many electric and gas companies now have to do to comply to tighter energy consumption standards. It is a viable alternative to the more expensive underfloor heating systems, which have been proven to be less responsive. The Jaga Mini Canal Trench Heater can be connected to many different types of radiators from Strada to Linea Plus, you can check if yours is compatible by using their website. Another brilliant quality about the Mini Canal Trench heater is the incorporation of the DBE fan unit, which will maintain a rapid, effective and accurate room comfort condition, which can be boosted if required.