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Jaga Heating

The History, Philosophies, and Technologies of Jaga

Jaga is an innovative design company that not only adds an element of style to your home or business but an element of necessity as well. You need to heat your building, so why not do it in a way that will be functional and yet flattering? Jaga has found a way to do both in an amazing, energy-efficient way. They save energy both in the process of making the materials for the products, and you save energy when you use them. What makes Jaga such a great company and why should you use their products? Let’s look at their history, their philosophies (which make them very unique), as well as the technologies they employ.

Jaga History

Jaga won their first award in 1990 – the European Design Award – and it only went up from there. It was in 1997 that they won another award – the Batimat, the Trophee du Design Paris – so they were being recognized all over Europe for their designs. They won another design award – the Ish-Design Award – in 1999. But that was only the beginning of a long list of awards they would win. Significant recent awards include being shortlisted for the Ancillary Products category for the National Heat Pump Awards in 2012, being awarded the Build It Award in 2015 for the Best Plumbing Product, and winning Supplier of the Year in 2016 from Housing Excellence Awards.

There are many more awards that can be listed but the truth is that Jaga has started from the bottom and worked their way up to an award-winning company that not only focuses on design, but also the environment.

Jaga’s Five Core Philosophies

1. Respect Nature: Always remember to keep a “sustainable balance between man and the environment.” The company has shown this time and time again while they have improved their methods of production to reduce waste and made their products more energy efficient. This is their primary goal for a reason and that is because they see that there is only so much of the environment left and if we keep using it at the rate we are, we are going to lose out on a lot. So, we need to start giving back now so that we have something for our children’s children.

2. Awake the Artist: How can life be influenced by our surroundings? What should blend in and what should stand out? How should it stand out? In what ways should it be functional art? How can we make it more functional? Let the designers and artists run free with their designs without limitation and see what they come up with. Don’t limit the building and home owners – see what they come up with, too.

3. Dream a Future: Always strive to “bring sustainable resources into production techniques.” In this way, you are making the products even more energy efficient before they even leave the factory because you lessened the energy used to make them. If you are always looking for new ways to be efficient, eventually your products will become more efficient as well.

4. Create Emotion: Life is about “passion, emotion, and dynamism.” The products, in any building or home, should invoke something in the person that views them instead of just being another piece of heating equipment. They should be a piece of artwork that stimulates the brain.

5. Building Bridges: In all ways, Jaga is trying to “share, build, and network.” If they can do this, they can share new technologies so that others can be just as efficient, making the planet better. If they can get their products out to more people, then more people will be warm and comfortable without worrying about how much a heat bill will cost them each month.

Jaga Technologies

  • Jaga Oxygen: This type of system is fully programmable making it more energy efficient than some other systems. It can be used in buildings of any age or type making it ideal for remodels of older homes or when buildings are converted to a new type of business and need a more efficient type of heat.
  • Less Mass, Less Water: Jaga systems use 90% less water than traditional systems which make them much faster to heat up, which makes them more energy efficient that way, but using less water makes for a 15% reduction in costs.
  • DBE (Dynamic Boost Effect): This effect improves air circulation around the room. It works perfectly with other sustainable systems such as heat pumps.
  • LST (Low Surface Temperature): These types of radiators are safe to touch, even when they are at max temperature, so they are perfect for healthcare uses or when young children around like day cares.
  • Trench Heating: This type of heating creates a barrier around a room when there are lots of walls made mainly glass. The glass tries to push cold in, but the trench heating keeps it out, making for a comfortable temperature inside for everyone.

Jaga has certainly made a name for themselves not only for their innovative designs when it comes to décor inside homes and businesses but also for the clever hidden functionality of that décor – heating and ventilation. Sticking to their core values and following their main goal of being environmentally friendly not only in production but also that their products are environmentally friendly once installed makes them a hot commodity amongst people who really do care about this planet – and the fact that their homes and businesses will look nice too can’t hurt.

It's important to realize that Jaga started out with a mission and they still have that mission. They still have those values. They still strive for them every day. And that’s how you accomplish big goals and big dreams. This company will be around a long time not just because they want to be but because they work hard to be, to be innovative and come out with new products, to be innovative when the markets change, and to always think outside the box.