Trench Heating Article

28 December 2016  |  Admin

Trench and Perimeter Heating Article


Trench Heating is a stunning and functional alternative to wall mounted radiator systems in Homes, Offices, Industrial units, Schools etc.

Whether wall mounted radiator fitting is not viable for aesthetic or wall space reasons, Trench Heating is a perfect solution.

At TrenchStyle we offer Standard Centrally Heated fed Trench and Perimeter Heating and Centrally Heated fed with Fan Assist.

Fan Assisted Trench Heaters produce a significant BTU Heating boost.

There are a number of grilles available in rigid and roll up, with materials available including Aluminium, Oak, Stainless Steel in various colour and finshes.

At we offer an advanced search to match your Length, Width, Depth and Heat output requirements in BTU and Watts.

We recommend and Sell Jaga Trench Heating due to the high quality of construction and market leading 30 year Heat Exchanger Guarantee.

Trench Heating can be used as the Primary heating method in an area or to supplement a traditional radiator based system, it is also ideal for targetted heating.

Glass Facades, Glass Doors or other high glass areas are a favourite installation area for Jaga Trench Heaters, they allow cool air to enter the heat exchanger and the heat curtain produced along the full length of the Trench Heater targets areas prone to producing cold spots and condensation.

The ideal location for trench heating is alongside walls or doors or glazed areas or stepped areas but they are increasingly being used alongside walkways.

The Fan assisted Trench and Perimeter Heating Fan works on a temperature switch cutting in and out with your Central Heating or Hot water Feed so basically when you need heat IE your boiler cuts in and the water system temperature rises the fan will cut in giving you that radiator heat boost you need.

Installation of Trench Heating can be done as a retrofit to existing installations but is ideal when considered at project stage, this allows consideration for pipe and electrical runs as required and floor area management.

So if your looking to enhance your decor with a discrete heating system or achieve a BTU heating requirement or target a problematic area Trench Heaters are a great choice.