Connecting a Trench Heater

30 August 2020  |  Admin

Connecting a Trench Heater - Questions and Answers

Question - Can I attach a Trench Heater to an Existing Central Heating System?

Answer - Treat a Trench Heater as a Radiator you fit in the floor, you will connect the supply and return pipework as per a normal Radiator.

Question - What Valves do I need tor a Trench Heater?

Answer - You can fit a supply and return lock shield valves and use a remote manifold TRV or controlled valve or fit a TRV at the Trench with a Lock shield as per a standard radiator, the only thing we recommend is using an adjacent wall mounted sensor head if fitting a TRV at the Trench as local heat will impact the TRV otherwise.

Question - If I fit 3 Trench heaters, how do I interconnect them?

Answer - Fit Lock shields to each trench heater, connect them in parallel as per a standard wall mounted radiator and utilise a remote zone control valve if possible.

Question - Can I use any valves for the Trench Heater

Answer - Yes but we recommend using ours so you know they will do the job.