Heat Pump Radiators

11 May 2019  |  Admin

Radiators for ground source heat pumps

Radiators for air source heat pumps

Ground and Air source heat pumps provide heating water at a temperature below which standard heating boilers produce.

Heat pumps are an extremely cost effective method of supplying a home with heating and hot water but the temperature brings its own challenges.

A standard modern boiler system may have a 75/65/20 design characteristic with the inlet at 75C the outlet at 65C at a room temp of 20C.

Heat pumps often supply at 45/35/20 which means the heat output of a radiator would be significantly reduced if the exact same model was used.

As a general rule of thumb a radiator being supplied from a 45/35/20 ground source heat pump will output only 25% of a 75/65/20 system supplying the same radiator.

We therefore need to compensate for this reduction in output.

Firstly improvement can be made using a highly efficient and responsive radiator - aluminium / copper heat exchangers are extremely good at transferring heat.

We then need to either increase the physical size of the radiator or improve the heat exchange further using fan assisted heat exchange or a combination of both.

The Jaga Strada Radiator with its copper / aluminium heat exchanger and innovative design can be fitted with a fan assist unit to increase the output.

As another rule of thumb the Jaga DBE Fan Assist on the Jaga will increase the Strada Radiators BTU output to approximately 50% of the output of a 75/65/2- system when fed with 45/35/20 for the same radiator.

You would therefore only need to increase the capacity of the Radiator by 100% before adding the Fan assist or use 2 Radiators instead of 1 to meet the same heating output.

The Jaga Strada Radiator with Optional fan assist can be bought at the following link from trenchstyle.co.uk - Click Here