Jaga Micro canal trench radiator

14 August 2020  |  Admin

Jaga Micro Canal Trench Heater – The Best Heating Solution

The evolution of heating systems has culminated to one of the most revered heating system: Micro Canal Trench Heaters. At Trenchheater.co.uk, we stock the top-rated Micro Canal Trench Heaters from Jaga Radiators to guarantee you of the highest value for money. One of the top models in this category is the Jaga Micro Canal Trench Heater - 13.4cm-Wide.

Everything you need to know about Jaga Micro Trench Heaters

To make the high-performance Jaga Micro Trench Heaters, Jaga Radiators used findings from years of research and industrial improvements. Every component of the Micro Canal Trench Heater is tested to guarantee the best results.

The goal of Jaga Radiators is not to simply meet the regulatory requirements with its heating devices. Instead, the focus is to craft winning Micro Canal heating systems that guarantee results.

Your home or facility deserves the best heating system. Now, you have the opportunity to make the home your anticipated paradise with Jaga Micro Canal Trench Heater - 13.4cm-Wide. Here is a closer look at how it works: 

  • The Micro Canal is a powerful but shallow fan assisted heater. The fan assist is used to increase the heat exchange rate and enhance air circulation in the room. Besides, it makes the Jaga Micro Trench Heaters more responsive in maintaining your space at the pre-set temperature range.
  • The height of the Micro Canal is adjustable. You can change the height between 6 and 8 centimetres to meet your space heating needs. The adjustments work with the fan assist system to increase the heating output with little interruption of the floor. Indeed, Jaga Micro Canal Trench Heating Radiators will enhance your room’s appeal.
  • The desire to make your space a living paradise is boosted by the micro canal. The exposed section (grille) of the heating radiator oozes style. It is made of stainless steel and you have the opportunity of selecting the preferred colour. Therefore, if your floor is wooden with a golden hue, a matching Jaga Micro Trench Heating Radiator with a similar grille tone is available. What a great way to enhance your style?
  • For TechHeaters.co.uk and Jaga radiators, part of customer satisfaction comes from the ability to access different choices. This is why microcanal radiators from Jaga are available in 5 different Trench Heater lengths of up to 2 meters. If you want higher heating outputs, make sure to order and install the longer Jaga Micro Trench Heating Radiators.
  • To enhance the controllability of the Micro Canal, it is designed to be compatible with standard home management systems. This means that you can easily regulate the temperature of your entire home or facility with a centralized control. It also implies that you can even monitor the temperature of your facility remotely. 
  • The heating element of the Micro Canal Trench Heaters is designed with aluminium and copper. These are highly sensitive materials that help to rapidly dissipate heat from hot water running through them. To increase heating efficiency, the micro canal heater also utilises BTU boost that enhances the rate of heat extraction in the heating element. 

Buy the Jaga Micro Canal Heating Radiators at TrenchHeater.co.uk

When you place an order for Jaga Trench Heaters at TrenchHeater.co.uk, they are delivered directly from Jaga to your facility to ensure they arrive first and in pristine condition.  

TrenchHeater.co.uk also offers technical support to ensure that your Jaga Micro Canal Heating radiators are installed well and you get the anticipated results. Well, they want to be part of your success.

No matter your description of a perfect heating system, Jaga Micro Canal Heating Radiators ordered at TrenchHeater.co.uk will never disappoint. They are designed with the latest technology, are stylish, and highly efficient.