Jaga Trench Heating Review

28 August 2017  |  Admin



When choosing a Trench Heater selecting a Manufacturer who utilses advanced design, construction materials and techniques is critical to ensure your new Trench Heater will provide the maximium BTU heating outputs, look great when in situ and most importantly provide you many years of trouble free radiator running.

Jaga are a Premium Manufacturer of Trench Heating Infloor Radiators, Jaga have been around for over fifty years which gives you the peace of mind that Jaga will be there to support you in the future if needed.

Each Jaga Trench Heating order when passed to Jaga by Trenchstyle.co.uk is built to order, so you know your equipment hasn't been hanging around in a warehouse or stockyard, it is made for you.

As an added Benefit Jaga themselves ensure delivery is completed direct to the customer, this ensures no issue with courier damage as they will liaise directly with you the customer to ensure trouble free delivery ready for your central heating installation.

Jaga are at the forefront of High Performance Radiator Design, their Low H20 energy saving Technology is market leading in efficiency and BTU Heating output. While other Manufacturers produce lower priced infloor radiators they cannot compare in respect to Trench Heater build quality, material standard, reliability and btu outputs.

Jaga Heating understand that Trench Heating functionality, reliability and heat output are only part of the discerning customers requirements, that is why their Grille selection is second to none is quality and selection, they have almost unending perimeter heating pattern and material choices including roll up and rigid, metal including Aluminium and Stainless Steel, also woods including Oak and Beech. Colour selections are also available in a myriad of choices.

After all Jaga understands Decor integration of your Trench Heater is of key importance to your projects success. So whether you are looking to complement or contrast your styles Jaga Trench Heating will work with you to achieve your needs.

Trench Heating suits a vast array of installations and that is why Jaga have multiple ranges and modes of operation across its manufactured perimeter heating products. 

The Jaga Mini Canal Trench Heaters are highly responsive and efficient units perfect for alongside glazed facades with numerous Lengths and several Width and Depth variations. The Mini Canal Trench Heater is ideal for central heating systems and can also be used with heat pumps. Jaga Mini Canal Radiators can be used for home heating, offices or other commercial applications. Jaga mini canal heaters are also available with Jaga's DBE or Dynamic Boost Effect Technology which is a Fan Assist BTU boost system.

Jaga Canal Plus and Jaga Canal Compact Trench Heaters are High BTU output Trench Heaters with greater width and depth dimensions than the Mini Canal units and are designed for areas where high heating outputs are a requirement, they are also available with Jaga DBE Fan assist technology and with their greater depths can produce significant BTU heating outputs. The Jaga Canal Plus and Canal Compact Perimeter Heaters are perfect for larger home heating applications, commercial and industrial uses.

Jaga MicroCanal Trench Heaters are specifically designed for shallow applications where strong BTU outputs are still required, the MicroCanal are fitted with fan assist and advanced controls and are perfect for addressing localised heating issues alongside glazed facades or patio door areas.