Show Room Trench Heating

3 February 2017  |  Admin


Car Showroom Heating using Perimeter Trench Heating

Your Car showroom is designed to showcase your vehicles in the best possible way.

Large Glazes facades are often utilsed to allow exterla viewng of vehicles, even when the showroom is closed.

First impressions are critical and reflect on you business aswell as your vehicles.

However there are some drawbacks with Large windowed areas, condensation can form and they can produce uncomfortable cold areas within the room.

Perimeter Trench Heating is the Solution, this form of infloor radiator is discrete, efficient in comparison to electric heating. Condensation will become a thing of the past and cold areas minimised to produce a more comfortable internal viewing experience for your customers.

These Heating benefits exist as the Trench Heater produces a heat curtain along the length of the window.

You can call to discuss your needs, we have numerous models and Trench Heating Grille styles to match your interiors and BTU output requirements.

Depths are an important consideration when specifying Trench Heating and we sell standard Perimeter Trench Heating from 9cm to 72cm, We also have Trench Heaters with Lengths up to 4.9 Metres and widths from 13cm to 51cm.

So to improve your customer experience Trench Heating is your ideal  Car Showroom Heating Solution.