New Trench Heater Radiator Questions

6 April 2019  |  Admin

Trench Heating Radiator Questions Recently Asked

Are Trench Heater Radiators with Fan assist such as Jaga DBE Quiet?

Yes, we have included a number of trench heater videos showing a Jaga mini Canal Trench Radiator with DBE in use, it is very difficlult to pick up the noise, at around 25 DB it will certainly not disturb your peace!

Can you have trench heating in a new extension to run off radiator system?

Trench Heating Radiators are equivalent to wall mounted hydronic radiators, as such they can be linked to your existing home heating system subject to boiler capacity as with adding any additional radiator.


Ground source heat pump radiators?

Due to the lower water temperatures supplied by a heat source pump system generally you will need to compensate by increasing the physical size of the radiator or by adding a fan assist to the radiator when compared to a standard boiler heating based system.


Radiators for air source heat pumps?

High Efficiency Radiators often built with Copper / Aluminium Heat exchangers such as the Jaga Strada Radiator for rapid heat exchange are perfect for air source heat pumps, you may also want to consider a fan assisted hydronic radiator.


What is trench heating?

Trench Heating is a hydronic in floor radiator system where air enters and exits a floor grille, these units are perfect for glazed areas or areas where wall mounted radiators would not be possible or indiscreet. The heating element is mounted within the Trench.


What’s the most economical heating for conservatories?

Central Heating Based Hydronic Heating is the most cost effective standard method for home heating, this is the same for conservatory heating. In conservatories wall space can be limited and Trench Heaters are an excellent option freeing up space, aesthetically pleasing and efficient.


What is a trench heater?

A Trench Heater is a Hydronic Radiator mounted within a subfloor trench and covered by a grille.


What's best underfloor heating or radiators?

Trench Heaters are a great solution to work in addition to supplement UFH or as an alternative to wall mounted radiators. Trench heaters can work to target cool areas such as windows or glass doors or warm entire rooms.


What is a trench radiator?

A Trench radiator is a radiator built into the floor with only a grille showing, cool air enters the grille and leaves the grille as warmed air,  Trench Radiators can be fan assisted for quicker heating response and greater BTU outputs.


What is room perimeter heating?

Room Perimeter Heating is a below floor mounted radiator system, the grille is mounted at floor level with the heating components below is a duct or trench. These are generally fed from a hydronic water based supply either from a conventional boiler based or a ground or air sourced heat pump supply.

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Can Trench Heaters be connected to Under Floor Heating?

Yes, Some customers attach Trench Radiators to either give their heating a better response, to supplement the UFH if they think it may not quite be enough or to target areas such as french doors of a glazed area.

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