Trench Heating Accessories

11 April 2017  |  Admin

Trench Heating Accessories

Trench Heaters in their most basic form are radiators under the floor.

Trench or Perimeter Heating as it's sometimes known has a heated water supply and return feed.

This hydronic trench heating hot water can be centrally heated fed or from an air or groundsource heat pump system.

Here we will explain some basic additions for Jaga Trench Heating.

Trench Heating Valves

Like a traditional radiator system manual valves or thermostatic valves can be fitted to a trench heater system.

Thermostatic Radiator valves can be fitted to Trench Heaters, these are generally better with a fixed temperature or selectable dial remote head, this remote head is usually connected to the trench heater thermostatic valve by a thin bore fluid filled metal pipe. It is possible to fit the thermostatic head within the trench heater but potential localised heating from the heater itself could impact on the head sensing.

Manual valves are effectively 2 lockshields which are used for isolation and also for balancing of the radiator system, they have no impact on a day to day basis after set, in that they do not respond to temperature in any way - This method is ideal where an in room thermostat controls the cut in / cut out of the central heating system.

Trench Heating Grilles

Trench Heater Grilles are available in Roll Up or Rigid, Roll up are easier to lift and clean internally however rigid as the name suggests are more solid under foot.

Perimeter Grilles are available in wood, aluminium and steel, these can be further bespoke by Varnish, Laquer and Colour, providing for your exact requirements.

Frame Insulation for Trench Heaters

If placed within a Duct or dedicated trench external trench heating installation is not neccessarily required as heat loss through the casing will be minimal, however in certain installations where air flow across the housing is open additional insulation is available, this can be in the form of base only insulation of 3 side insulation covering the base and the 2 lengths. The additional 5mm Insulation is fitted prior to delivery or provided in sheets for fit on receipt.

Trench Heating Internal Pipe Brackets

If you are running a number of Trench Heaters in a row it may be beneficial to run the pipework through the Trench Heaters to the next unit, it is recommended pipe brackets are installed by the manufacturer to facilitate this pass through of heating supply and return pipework.

Trench Heater Feet

If you have a raised floor it can be simpler to utilse adjustable feet rather than build a base to reach the trench heater.

Feet are available from 5 - 30 cm raise height, feet are generally sold in pairs, the number of feet will need to be specified according to length of the trench heater, contact your Trench Heating seller for information on feet.

Trench Heating Fans

Fans can generally increase the BTU outputs of Trench Heaters by 100 - 200%, they are ultra quiet and improve the heat curtain effect when adjacent to windows. Generally retrofitting of Fans is not recommended and ideally they should be specified on initial order for installation by the trench heating manufacturer. In its basic form Fans can be controlled using a temperature switch on the water system, ie the fan cuts in and out with the central heating system. Trench heater fans can also be used in a more complex control system utilising room thermostats.