Trench Heating Valves

1 June 2017  |  Admin


Trench Heating Radiator Valves

Trench Heating can in simple terms be compared to a standard wall mounted radiator, however due to the discrete nature of Trench Heating Valves are generally concealed within the Trench Radiator.

There are three basic types of valve you can use for trench and canal heating.

Lockshield Valves

Lockshields are basically fully open to fully close valves on both the inlet and outlet, as per a standard radiator system they can be used for system balancing but have no impact on the system in relation to room temperature.  So basically they are fixed and rely on control of room temperature by thermostat or other controlling the flow. These are simple to install and set up and as per normal radiators may require a tweak to get the btu output as required.

In Trench TRV Valves

As per wall mounted radiators these sense the local temperature and open and close as required allowing water central heating water to pass through to control room temperature,  these TRV's are simple to fit but can be impacted by heat from the Trench Heater itself which can be counter productive. Generally we do not recommend as tmperature feedback and control can be an issue.

In Trench TRV Valves with Remote Sensing Head

These Trench Heating Valves have a sensing head connected via a thin bore pipe. The head is mounted within a few feet but is crucially away from the heat source of the Trench Heater. This allows a much better control of the rooms temperature. This type of valve can have an active or passive head, IE The head can be a dial type or it can just be a sensor with the control actually set in the Trench Heater.


At Trench Style we recommend Lockshield Valves or In Trench TRV Valves with Remote Sensing Heads. That is why we don't generally list in Trench Valves but can supply if requested.