Why Buy Trench Heating

9 December 2016  |  Admin

Why Buy Trench Heating?

What are the Advantages of Trench Heating?

Trench Heating is Discrete heating method and looks fantastic with numerous grille options available.

You can utilise your central heating or warm water supply system on our perimeter heating systems.

As Trench Heaters utilise central heating, if you are using gas heating costs are much cheaper than electric heating equivalents.

Wall space is not required and room asthetics are better maintained.

BTU outputs on out Trench Heaters can be boosted with fan assist.

Mounting Trench Heating adjacent to Glassed Areas reduces localised cool areas and condensation.

Trench Heating comes in various Lengths, Widths and Heights to suite your area and heating needs.

Our Jaga Heating Emitters have a Market Leading 30 Year Guarantee!

Perimeter Trench Heating is an ideal heating solution for Homes, Offices, Industrial Units, Churches, Schools, in fact anywhere large glassed areas are present or Wall mounted heating units are not appropriate for space or aesthetic reasons.